Your most frequent style & étiquette questions are answered.

Wardrobe Essentials

Your occupation and lifestyle will inform the detail of your wardrobe but these essentials are a strong foundation on which to build, to see you through every occasion.

A dark, well tailored Suit 

Ideally custom made or professionally fitted. Dark grey or navy are the most versatile. Black can look too formal for some occasions. A well-made suit is a must so ensure you have a range to suit all of your professional and leisure needs.

An unstructured Suit or Separates

This can be a navy blazer and grey wool pants or a relaxed suit that you can mix and match. A suit jacket or blazer can dress up a more casual outfit for less formal occasions.

Blue Jeans and Khakis

Find a store with helpful attendants and make sure you get the right cut for your body shape and leg length. Replace these once they start to get worn and use the older pairs for handyman or gardening work on weekends.

Winter Coat

Invest in a good quality overcoat for work in winter and a 3/4 length trench or pea coat for weekends and leisure time.

A White Dress Shirt

This classic shirt is essential for your formal occasions. See the white shirt Collection by Edward Stripe for a selection.
Edward Stripe Collection luxury twill cotton shirt with Italian silk necktie

A Versatile Necktie

Solid colour or classic diagonal stripe will see you through any occasion. There is a variety to choose from in the Edward Stripe Collection of neckties.

A Casual or Button-down Shirt

For parties, brunches, dinners and family events. The classic white polo is a safe, stylish and versatile option. See the Edward Stripe range of men’s casual shirts.