Our experienced garment technicians enjoy great satisfaction from knowing that our customers look great and feel great.  So they've come up with a great new offer for you to revive your favourite old shirt that you are no longer wearing because it needs some reviving.

Any style shirt, any brand shirt, we are happy to be of assistance.  Side seam alterations for slimmer fit, button replacements, shoulder seam adjustments, sleeve shortening, smooth white poplin collar and/or cuffs ... practically anything is possible.  You'll be charged only the add-on customisation fee that we would normally charge with the purchase of a new shirt!

To take advantage of special offer:
  • Order any new shirt from the Edward Stripe Collection
  • Include the promotional code "REVIVE" during check-out
  • Print and post your confirmation email back to us with your old shirt that needs reviving
  • We'll contact you to find out what you would like done and advise the alteration fee
  • You old shirt will be revived and returned with a receipt for the reviving work when we ship your newly ordered shirt to you
So waste not want not ... revive it instead at Stripe & Company!

Buy one, revive one offer ends 31 April 2011.

Posted by Andrew Dobson on 28th March, 2011 | Comments | Trackbacks
Tags: Edward Stripe Collection

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