Sir's shirt before ironing
The Butler says ... Being ever pedantic, I was starching Sir’s shirts when I noticed a rust mark.  How did I miss that one?  But then, just as I was ironing, two more appeared.  The culprit? A dirty sole plate on the iron caused by starch build up!

So, what to do?  Here are three quick tips to fix the problem.

Sir's shirt smooth as a baby's ... after ironing
First tip; buy a commercial cleaner to take care of the problem. This is easiest but most costly. Rowenta has cleaner for stainless steel sole plates, as does the Chux Magic Eraser. From what I’ve been told, test it before scrubbing your entire iron; the toe of the iron is the best place to start.

Starch builds up on sole of iron during pressing
Second tip; you can make your own solution by creating a paste of water and bicarb of soda. “Schmear” - yes this is a technical term! :-) - the paste onto the plate of the iron and let it sit for a few minutes.  Use an old toothbrush to vigorously brush the bottom of the iron and ... voila! ... your iron should be clean!  Although if it’s really bad, it may take a second application.

Sole of iron after cleaning with white vinegar treatment
Third and simplest tip; try using a clean dry soft white cloth with white vinegar soaked in to it.  This is the cheapest method by far and usually has great results.  I was so pleased with myself I took these pictures just to show you!

The Result; your Butler has learned and is now making this a bi-weekly “to do” item in my diary!

Yours in gracious service,

The Butler

Posted by Andrew Dobson on 31st March, 2011 | Comments | Trackbacks
Tags: Rust Marks, Starch Buildup, Starch, Ironing

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