The Edward Stripe Collection is showing to USA menswear retailers at the West Coast Trend Show in Los Angeles from 28 – 31 January 2011.

The collection includes a range of Australian designed, hand made quality products including pure cotton men’s dress shirts in three styles: Classic Cut men's business shirts that are a traditional straight cut, comfortable fitting style; Trim Cut hand tailored style for men who prefer a neater and slimmer body fitting; and a Slim Fit contemporary "European" style of hand tailored shirt for men who prefer a business shirt that is both slim and fitted. Neckties in fine silk fabrics are hand made in Italy. Original art glass cufflinks are hand crafted by Australian artists.

“We selected the West Coast Trend Show in LA to showcase our collection in the USA for the very first time,” said Andrew Dobson, managing director of Edward Stripe. “As an Australian company seeking to expand our sales and marketing activities in the US, the format of the West Coast Trend Show provides us with the opportunity to meet with and present our range to owners of boutique style menswear retailers from across the USA.”

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