Now it’s even more rewarding to be a member of the Edward Stripe CLUB. And with new features in Your CLUB Account it’s even easier to keep your wardrobe current.

The more you buy from Edward Stripe, the more Rewards you should enjoy. So we now offer four CLUB Levels - Onyx, Garnet, Sapphire and Diamond. Each level has its own extra benefits including Bonus Points and Gift Certificates so that your Reward Vouchers are earned even faster. The higher your CLUB level, the more Points you can earn and redeem, and the greater your rewards.

As a CLUB member you receive 3 Points per dollar every time you make a purchase. Every time you reach 300 Points we issue Your CLUB Account with a $6 Reward Voucher. Earn the Points required for the next CLUB Level in the current membership year and you'll enjoy special privileges.

When you reach a new CLUB Level you will stay there for 12 months, unless you move up another Level during the membership year. Your new CLUB Level will be retained as long as you keep earning the required number of Points.
Login to Your CLUB Account for information about the benefits of new CLUB Levels and features such as My SIZE or join the Edward Stripe Club 2011 now!

Posted by Stripe & Company Pty Ltd on 24th January, 2011 | Comments | Trackbacks
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