Edward Stripe 4A Collection Made in Australia
At Edward Stripe we aim to always provide you with a beautifully crafted, handmade quality shirt, and our ready-to-wear Collection represents great value for money. But now you can order exactly the shirt you want, made to order.

The Edward Stripe 4A Collection offers you a choice of 40 new superfine cotton fabrics, sourced from one of most highly regarded Italian mills, as well as any of your favourite Edward Stripe shirting fabrics. Choose from 330 fitting options - any fitting size and style is possible when you choose from our 3 Shirt Styles (Classic Cut, Trim Cut or Slim Fit), 10 Collar Sizes, 11 Sleeve Lengths plus any special requests. Every Edward Stripe shirt is made to the same beautifully crafted quality standards. Signature features include multi-piece hand turned Collars with removable stainless steel collar stays; twin-button single cuffs or double (french) cuffs with strong fused interfacing, generous double-faced plackets, split yoke cut along the fabric bias for neater finish, and more ... for just $169 per shirt*.

BESPOKE by Edward Stripe custom tailored shirts
Most of us love the extra quality afforded by hand tailored shirts, however sometimes the affordability for made to measure shirts can be a little out of reach. But now at Edward Stripe, investing in a bespoke dress shirt is surprisingly affordable when compared to many ready-to-wear shirts that require alterations.

BESPOKE by Edward Stripe offers you the opportunity to have your choice custom tailored for you in Australia. Choose fabrics from our superb range of the finest quality superfine 100% cotton shirtings imported from Italy. Our consultation service ensures we fully understand your styling preferences to suit your specifications. Your BESPOKE shirt is custom made in Australia by our experienced garment technicians with your choice of cut, collar, sleeve and cuffs. Every Edward Stripe shirt is made to beautifully hand crafted quality standards and with our signature Edward Stripe design features ... at an affordable $195 per shirt*.

To start shopping now, visit the Edward Stripe 4A Collection gallery or BESPOKE by Edward Stripe gallery.

Posted by Stripe & Company Pty Ltd on 10th November, 2010 | Comments | Trackbacks
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