Find your women's shirt sizes that fit you best
with our size charts.

Sizes 4 to 16 with longer Sleeve Lengths


Beginning at the Adam’s apple, wrap a measuring tape fully around your neck, leaving no dangling space in-between the neck and the tape.  This is your actual neck size.

Your collar size for a business shirt will be approximately half an inch bigger to allow for comfort. For example ... if you measure your neck to be exactly 15 inches around, then your business or dress shirt size will be 15½ inches.  Neck sizes generally range between about 14½ and 19 inches (37 - 48 cm).


Measure around the largest part of your chest under the armpits, taking care to keep the tape measure level across your back.  This is your actual chest size.

We suggest a Chest garment size that measures approximately 10 - 20 cm larger than your actual chest size for a comfortable business style. Of course, this may be varied depending on your personal preference for Classic Cut, Trim Cut or Slim Fit shirts.


Measuring the Sleeve Length of your Edward Stripe shirt
Stand still with your arms falling naturally to your sides.

Measure from the middle of the back of the collar to the point of the shoulder where the sleeve is stitched to the shirt (1) and then down to the end of the cuff (2).

Add values (1) and (2) together to determine the sleeve length. The value should range from about 32 - 37 inches (81.5 - 94 cm) depending on your height. Be careful not to measure too high above the wrist or the shirt’s sleeves will be too short.