Collection by Edward Stripe Custom Fit Shirts for Men; a perfect fit, guaranteed

Hand finished to your measurements for a Neater Fitting Shirt

CUSTOM FIT Shirts by Edward Stripe are hand finished in Australia to suit your actual Sleeve Length, Chest, Waist and Hip measurements for a neater fitting shirt.

You’ll now enjoy customised fitting shirts made from pure cotton fabrics that are carefully finished to suit your professional style. And because each shirt is hand finished for you there are NO charges for side-seam adjustments or sleeve length alterations.


Custom Fit puts customers first by offering premium quality business and dress shirts with a perfect fit, guaranteed.

You’ll now enjoy Australian designed, handmade quality, custom fitting shirts made from beautiful pure cotton fabrics at an affordable price.  And because each shirt is hand finished to be custom fitting there are NO alteration charges for side-seam adjustments and/or sleeve length alterations.

Each custom fit shirt is hand finished to your measurements and preferences:
  • Your COLLAR Size [37 (14.5 inch) – 44 (17.5 inch)]
  • Your SLEEVE Length – sleeves are finished to your exact length
  • Your STYLE - Select the shirt design style that suits you best; CLASSIC traditional, TRIM tailored, or SLIM FIT euro style
  • Your BODY SHAPE – if your Edward Stripe CLUB profile includes your chest, waist and hip measurements, we'll finish your custom fit shirt to better suit your body shape
  • Your COLLAR Style – a choice of Classic (medium spread), Cutaway (wide spread) or Button-down (narrow spread) collars
  • Your CUFF Style – select our signature style Double (French) Cuff, Single (twin-buttoned) Cuffs or new Single (one-button) Cuffs
There are NO alteration charges for sleeve-length adjustments or side-seam tailoring which means no size or fit compromises.


We’ve designed our Men's Custom Fit program based on feedback received from loyal customers whose trust we’ve earned. This feedback helps us to innovate and provide exactly what you want.

By combining quality offshore mass production with local hand finishing by our own experienced garment technicians at our Noosa Heads workroom, every new men's Custom Fit shirt suits your body fit requirements.

And your new custom fit shirts are ready for delivery within our normal 3 – 6 business days.


One of the reasons many customers keep coming back for more is our attention to detail, quality materials, exacting standards and signature design features.
Edward Stripe Signature Shirt Design Features

  1. Cut - Classic (traditional), Trim (tailored) or Slim Fit (euro style)
  2. Collars - multi-piece hand turned Classic and Cutaway collars include quality interlining plus removable stainless steel collar stays to keep your collar points sharp, and Button-down collars with sharp casual style
  3. Sleeves - in your exact length, from short sleeve casuals to extra long formals
  4. Cuffs - Double (French), Twin-buttoned or single-buttoned cuffs
  5. Plackets - signature front plackets finished with the finest quality Mother of Pearl buttons sewn with a crossed lock stitch to ensure your buttons stay firmly attached
  6. Single needle stitching - ensures strong, fine seams
  7. Triple stitched shoulder seams - ensure additional strength
  8. Signature split yoke design - made from four separate pieces of fabric, cut along the bias for a neater finish and a perfect fit
  9. Butterfly gussets - included on classic cut designs to strengthen the side seams


Customise your shirts with the following optional extras:
  1. Breast pockets
  2. White/Contrast Collars and/or Cuffs
  3. Monogams and other embroidery


If you are not fully satisfied with the way your custom fit shirt fits your body shape we know that you’ll trust us to alter it for you to ensure that you’re delighted with your new shirt.  We strive to ensure that your new Edward Stripe Custom Fit Shirts are exactly as you intended to ensure you always look your best.