Edward Stripe mens French cuff shirts

Edward Stripe French Cuffs
are traditionally styled with a square edge and stiffened with superior quality fused interlinings.

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Wear Men's French Cuff Shirts for sophisticated style.

Lower average prices plus 100% pure cotton quality; you'll appreciate the difference.

Stand out from the crowd wearing your new Edward Stripe french cuff shirt. We offer you the best value long term because our double "french" cuffs are made to last - traditionally designed and stiffened with superior quality interlinings.

Buy your shirts in Classic Fit or Slim Fit city styles. For extra slim men our customised shirts are shaped to your torso. With our multi-piece, hand turned collars that are more substantial than most you'll soon return for more.

Enjoy the sophisticated signature style of our french cuff business shirts. You'll look great and feel great! And, with 100% pure cotton quality across our entire range we're sure you'll appreciate the difference.