Garment Care

Your most frequent Garment Care questions answered.

Laundering your Dress Shirts

Taking proper care when laundering your dress shirts will save you money in the long run by prolonging the life of your favourite shirts.
Although it may be tempting to save time with dry cleaning, it is not recommended as the chemicals used can be too harsh for fine cotton shirts. The extra high heat used during pressing shortens fabric life and causes buttons to deteriorate much faster and fall off. Similarly, while it is possible to get good results from commercial laundries the chemicals and processes might damage your shirts in the long run.

For regular care, follow these steps:

Don’t wear dress shirts more than twice before washing. One wear per wash is ideal.

In most cases, a gentle hand wash in cold water will give you the best results.

Hang to dry - rather than tumble drying - to prevent excessive shrinking, and gather your shirts whilst they are still a little damp. This reduces ironing time as the wrinkles release quicker and easier when damp.  (see “Ironing your dress shirts”)

If your shirts need some special care,
follow these instructions:

Wet the collar, cuffs and underarm area and scrub any stains or dirt rings gently with a fingernail brush, using a laundry soap such as Fels Naptha. For set-in stains, use your favourite stain remover. (see “Tips for stain removal”) Roll up the shirt (wet and soapy) and place it in a plastic bag overnight.
Machine wash the next day. Fill the machine loosely and make sure to use the proper detergent and water temperature. Use a gentle cycle and hot or warm water for whites. Colours are best in cold water, use warm water only if they are very stained. If you use a top loader, put the detergent in as the water fills to ensure it dissolves evenly.
Do not use bleach or fabric softener on your dress shirts. If you don’t have many to wash, a few white towels in the machine will reduce the risk of sleeves getting stretched or tangled.
Line dry shirts on a white plastic hanger or tumble dry on a cool setting until slightly damp.

There you have it – a few easy steps to keeping your Edward Stripe shirts looking their absolute best!

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