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Ironing your Dress Shirts

A freshly ironed shirt with its crispness and wonderful finish is a pleasure to wear. Follow these tips to get the best results from your ironing efforts.

Make sure you have the right tools. Use a high quality iron and ironing board to make your task easier. Use de-mineralised or distilled water in your steam iron. This prevents the build up of mineral deposits and other impurities inside the water tank, which could mark your clothes.

For best results, your shirt should be damp all over – wrinkles release quicker when the shirt is still slightly damp. Use the ‘cotton’ setting, and have a bottle of mist water spray on hand to work on stubborn creases, rather than using the ‘burst’ steam on the iron.
Firstly, turn the shirt inside out. Iron the collar first. Continue to the yoke and then the cuffs. Do a heavy, even double iron on the inside of the back panel, shoulder yokes and front panels. When ironing pleats on shirts, don’t crease them down the entire length of the back – they are comfort folds, not a design feature! Pull sleeves firmly from the shoulder and iron each side – you can use a sleeve board or carefully rotate the sleeve on the ironing board to finish them without creases. Flip the entire shirt back out the proper way and finish with the collar pulled tight and iron heavily on both sides. Do not iron buttons as they can break or scratch your iron.

For an ultra crisp shirt (and if you have time) turn down the heat on the iron and press the presentation side of the shirt as well.