Your most frequent style & étiquette questions are answered.

Choosing the Right Fit for You

In today’s ultra-competitive market, how you present yourself to customers and colleagues alike can speak volumes. A well-tailored gentleman stands out from the crowd in an understated and elegant manner. Below are some tips to help you choose the right fit for you.

What suits your Body Shape?

When buying a suit, it’s best to either get it tailor made, or buy it at a reputable store where you have met and assessed the helpfulness of the staff.

In order to be fitted correctly it will help to know what suits your body type. Here are a few basic guidelines:

Smaller Stature

Avoid long jackets. Choose dark colours and medium weight fabrics. A three button suit will have a good lengthening effect. Suit pants that sit high on the waist and extend over the shoe work well. Striped shirts will assist in the appearance of length.

Tall and Thin

Wide jackets including double breasted and two button jackets will broaden your look. Choose heavier fabrics and pants with a full cut that taper gently down the leg.

Athletic Build

A two button jacket, cut lean at the shoulders, with a bit of extra length will balance you out if you are a bit top heavy. Stick to light fabrics and enjoy a flattering pin stripe. Your pants should be full cut and sit high on the waist.

In combination with the above body types, consider the following specifics:

Short Waisted

Your legs are longer than your torso. Wear pants that sit on your hips and don’t touch the ground. Choose suit and shirt colours that are similar so you achieve an overall seamless look. Your jacket should be slightly long and sit down over your hips.

Long Waisted

Your legs are shorter than your torso. Wear your pants at the waist. Pleated, uncuffed slacks can make your legs look longer. Go for contrasting colours to break up the vertical line of your body. Double-breasted jackets will balance out the length of your legs, helping your torso to appear boxier.

Reducing the "lifestyle" Bulge

To help with a belly bulge, wear light fabrics and dark colours. Wear your pants at navel level (sitting below the belly will just draw attention to it). Double breasted is generally considered the way to go, but a well-tailored single breasted suit can also be flattering.

Choosing a Shirt that Suits Your Shape

The above considerations can also help you choose the cut of your shirt.

If you are small of stature, consider a Trim Cut (tailored) or Slim Fit (euro style) to minimise excess fabric. If you are lucky enough to be slim, you can wear any shape you like but might choose to emphasise your body shape with a slimmer fitting shirt.

Those with an athletic build might opt for a Classic Cut (traditional) to balance out their shape unless, of course, they want to highlight body tone.  For those with a generous midriff this is definitely the cut to choose - a trim cut or slim fit shirt will only draw attention to this area.

For the ultimate shirt that suits your shape, you can opt for a BESPOKE shirt, hand tailored to conform to your body shape and preferences and giving a flattering, comfortable fit that complements your personal appearance.

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