Creating your Custom Made Shirt is all about perfect fit
and the quality of hand tailoring to your specifications.

BESPOKE by Edward Stripe shirts are custom made, hand tailored by experienced garment technicians to suit your specifications and requirements. Every custom made shirt is made to the same beautifully crafted quality standards that you expect from Edward Stripe Shirts but with a wider choice of additional design and styling features.


We import our fabrics directly from highly respected fabric mills. Our extensive range includes the very finest quality superfine pure cotton shirt fabrics, luxurious soft linens, plus wonderful contemporary stretch cotton-based fabrics for tighter fitting styles. Select from smooth poplins, the finest herringbone weaves, soft subtle twills and more in a range of plain colours, checks and stripes.  Choose your fabric


Custom made tailoring requires accurate body measurements.
  • The NECK is measured exactly. Room is then allowed to ensure comfortable wear. The customer may decide how wide or narrow he wants the collar as well as any other features such as button-down and collar stay guides.
  • Next, the tape measure is passed around the CHEST immediately under the armpits. Whether your new hand tailored shirt is to be tight here or not may be decided later when we draw and cut your paper shirt pattern.
  • STOMACH & WAIST measurements are taken to ensure accurate comfort allowances.
  • Then the HIPS are measured with the customer standing with legs together to ensure accuracy.
  • Both ARMS are measured. Many people have arms of different lengths, so if the difference is significant this can be allowed for when cutting the pattern.
  • The SHOULDERS are measured from edge to edge. This measurement is used to set the shoulder seam positions. For a classic or relaxed style the shoulder seams are further apart. For a slim or fitted style the shoulder seams are closer together to create a slimmer, neater shape especially for tall slim men.
  • BODY LENGTH measurements determine the total finished length of your shirt. Measurements from the top of the shirt, excluding the collar, to just above the trousers determine how much of the shirt is revealed plus an allowance to be tucked in. If the shirt is to be a contemporary fashion style worn out the shirt tails may be made shorter.


Our bespoke consultation process ensures that we fully understand your requirements before incorporating your preferred design features into your bespoke shirt. To help with this process, a detailed questionaire is completed including your collar and cuff preferences, cuff edge detailing, breast pockets or not, contrasting collar and/or cuffs, mongrams or anything else that you desire. Once we have assessed all your details, including any special requirements, we will then confirm your order to ensure that we fully understand your preferences before your bespoke shirt is commenced and double checked before your shirt is hand tailored.


After the measurements are completed, a draft pattern is drawn up on paper, cut out and then traced onto the fabric. Patterns may be grouped into four (4) general styles. CLASSIC styles are a traditional square cut that suits many body types and are similar to our Edward Stripe signature style. RELAXED styles are contemporary, slightly more tailored and still a comfortable easy fitting. SLIM styles often known as contemporary "European" cut are business shirts tailored with slimmer lines for taller and slim body shapes. FITTED styles are perfect for today's fashion conscious man who likes wearing a shirt that fits firmly across the shoulders and chest. Depending on YOUR body shape, design features from each may be incorporated into your new made to measure, hand tailored shirt.


Your new custom made shirt is carefully hand tailored by experienced garment technicians. When making your bespoke shirt using patterned fabrics (herringbone, some twills, stripes, checks, plaids) the cutting takes note of the pattern so that all lines or repeats are aligned perfectly on your finished shirt.
The fabric is cut out into panels using large shears. Adjustments are made to the yoke which in most cases is made from two pieces cut along the bias so that the pattern looks neater from the front. Straight and covered seams are sewn using sewing machines. Finishing details are completed by hand including fine quality mother-of-pearl buttons sewn with a crossed lockstitch for strength. A set of Edward Stripe removable stainless steel collar stays is included to keep your collars sharp. And each shirt is carefully folded, wrapped in tissue paper and shipped to you in a presentation gift box.

For a BESPOKE Custom Made Shirt by Edward Stripe that is hand tailored for you, please Contact Us today.